Piano Accessories

East Neuk Pianos stock a wide range of accessories for your piano.

Piano Stools http://eastneukpianos.co.uk/piano-stools/

  • Single stools
  • Stools & benches
  • Box type with storage
  • Adjustable stools
  • Concert Stools
  • Piano Covers

Piano Covers  http://eastneukpianos.co.uk/piano-covers/

Piano covers come in a variety of thicknesses, from thin dustsheets to padded covers suitable for pianos in transit.

Piano Castors
East Neuk Pianos stock a wide range of castors, A frames and safety brackets essential for pianos in public places.

Other Accessories http://eastneukpianos.co.uk/led-piano-lamp/

  • Piano Lamps – When extra light is required. An ideal piano lamp is fully adjustable both in stem and shade, of solid construction and with a heavy base to ensure stability.
  • Humidifiers – Offer a high degree of protection to your piano from the effects of excessively hot or dry air, a result of modern central heating systems which can cause the piano to go out of tune, wrestpins to loosen and joints to split.
  • Dampp Chasers – Is a famous brand of piano heater, specifically designed to distribute heat along its entire length making it very effective for pianos
  • Metronomes – A metronome is used to practice time. It can be set to a certain tempo and it will click the beats for you. It is a good device when working on fast or challenging sections of a song and bringing them up to tempo. A simple metronome will just give you the beat, while more complicated ones can do different subdivisions and various beat patterns.